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Family Heirlooms

We love to to create a one-of-a-kind, custom-made pieces made from beautiful hardwood, something that you can display proudly in your home and pass down to children and grandchildren.

Caskets & Urns

Each hand-made urn and casket is personalized to reflect and honor the life and spirit of the person who has died. Each also reflects careful craftsmanship and also has all of the requisite elements to qualify for green burial.

Furniture Restoration

We have worked on everything from a small, delicate side table to a room full of antique paneling, to a historic church door, with the goal of bringing each piece back to life.


Each piece of furniture we make is developed individually as a collaboration between the artist, the wood, and the customer. We use only the highest quality sustainably-sourced hardwood and the finest craftsmanship.

Custom Designs

We enjoy working creatively with customers who have an idea of what they want to create unique pieces from wood. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Life Passages

We create items from wood to celebrate a range of family traditions–from a cradle for our babies, to a wedding canopy for our grown children, to a dining room table for large family celebrations, any part of life deserves wood.

Sustainability: Isn’t All Wood “Green”?

All of the wood we use is from sustainable sources—which means that it comes from trees that have fallen naturally or that have been taken down because they are dying or being removed for other purposes. rather than wood that is harvested to use commercially. This way, my work is part of the lifecycle of a tree…rather than being turned into firewood or wood chips, the tree lives on in a beautiful object or piece of furniture

Wood For All Cycles of life

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